The road so far

I go to seek the great perhaps | Warrior | Kodiak Alaska

Anonymous said: Omg! Are you filipina? :)

Yes I am :)

I roll with the best and nothing less.


They did it!!! Omg cant believe they’re not gonna be with us next year! No more carpooling. I’ll miss these assbuts. ❤️

Envirothon 2014

I feel like me and my Best-friend is drifting apart. She started posting stuff on Facebook saying that I forgot about her specially her birthday. But the truth is I didn’t i was planning to do a special greeting but before I even posted that she posted stuff like “you forgot my birthday well i guess that’s how it is.” Im not stupid to not know that its me. I didn’t post the greeting I didn’t message her or anything because my point is, she didn’t even think that maybe I was busy during that day, that maybe I was doing Envirothon or the fact that we don’t have the same timezone. I mean does she have to make a big deal out of it. She didn’t greet me in my 16th birthday because what? They don’t have internet, she has more important stuff to do that day or something else, did she hear anything from me? No. Because I understand that she wont be there any time but that doesn’t mean I forgot about her. She so concerned about her problems that she forgot that Im having troubles myself. Every time we talk or chat its always about her how stress she is, how miserable her life is, I’m just done because in the first place its her fault why shes being miserable. She never did once ask me if I’m doing ok. Im just done. Done with her selfish act. I know things are tough for her but that doesn’t mean things are easy for me. I just hope she understand that before she make a big deal out of it and post it on Facebook because seriously? You can message me.


We fan girl too much! 😁😁

I finally got to drive! 😃😃


Everything you love is here
The past cannot be changed. The future is yet in your power. - Mary Pickford (via thedailypozitive)

Favorite tip jar ever.


Field trip. ❤️ US Coast Guard Base Kodiak, Alaska

Maybe I’m not that kind of beautiful
dressed in red lipstick and black eyeliner.
I’m not beautiful in the sense of
defined cheekbones, full lips,
curvy hips, and shapely legs.
I’m not beautiful like the sunsets kissing the sky,
the stars outlining evening wishes,
the freshly picked flowers,
and the softly murmured I love you’s.
So maybe I’m the kind of girl
with pale lips and dull eyes.
But I hope someday,
someone kisses the sunsets on my chapped lips
and outlines the stars on my cheekbones.
I hope he waters the flowers beneath the flaws on my skin
and screams I love you’s because his love for me
is meant not to be kept in secret drawers,
but to be plastered in the sky,
on waters, and in the wind.
I hope he loves
the no make up, flawed,
clumsy, and awkward
kind of beautiful. on being me (NJ.)

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Think about the first name you were ever called,
and then think how long it took until
you got called a pussy
or a slut,
or a bitch,
or a whore,
all of which are words that fall too close to ‘girl.’

Think about the first time you got called a ‘girl’
and they said it with a sneer.
Like it was a bad thing.

For a boy, it is the lowest degradation to get called a girl.
For a girl, it is the lowest degradation to get called a girl.

Remember, black widow spiders and female praying mantises eat their partners after intercourse.
Remember, it’s the lionesses who hunt.
They come back with bloody muzzles, dragging bloated carcasses as the alpha lion strides around with his mane puffing out.
Remember, it’s only the female mosquitoes who drink blood.
We’re the ones who do the necessary work, dirty our hands,
fuck or fight or both.
We’re often the smaller sex, which makes us a harder target
as we slink close and sink our teeth in.

Remember: we’re deadly.

You should be proud to be called a girl.

'Most Female Killers use Poison,' theappleppielifestyle. (via theappleppielifestyle)

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